“What does it mean to be a parish member?”

Parish membership is certainly all about involvement and commitment to your Catholic faith. This means regular attendance at the weekend liturgies to give thanks to God and come together with our faith community for prayer. It means being active in parish ministries, activities and fundraisers, giving of your time and talent. As well, giving financially helps us meet our budget for parish and school. You should know that St. Luke's Parish offers a direct deposit opportunity to pay your church support.  If you have been lax in your participation and involvement, remember the door is always open.

Young adults who have been confirmed and live on their own (except those attending college) must register to be considered a member of St. Luke's.  Please call the parish office for a form!!  We look forward to your involvement and commitment to your faith!!

Please make sure that you notify the parish office if you have any change of address or if you no longer wish to be a member of St. Luke’s parish.

To register at St. Luke's Parish, please click on the following link for our New Membership Form.

St. Luke Catholic Church

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