First Friday Communion Calls, Hospital and Nursing Home Visits
  First Fridays:  If you are homebound and would like Holy Communion
  brought to you on the First  Friday of the month, please contact 
  Fr. John at the Parish Office - 546-2482 .
  Hospital and Nursing Home Visits:  We are often unaware of  parishioners in the
 hospital or a nursing home.  If you or someone you know is hospitalized or temporarily in a
  nursing home and would like a visit from a member of the parish pastoral team, please contact the parish office.  

  Also let us know if you wish to be mentioned in our prayers during the weekend Masses.
Prayer Shawl Ministry is a ministry of care and concern.  We have several parishioners involved in this ministry  creating beautiful shawls with prayer and concern for the persons who will receive them.

 You may know of someone who is need of prayer:  someone who is ill; living alone, grieving the loss of a loved one; who is graduating, getting married, being confirmed; a new mom and so on.  Shawls can be given to anyone to bring the support of our community.

 Prayer Shawls are kept at the parish office.  If you would like to bring a prayer shawl to someone or 
 have a member of the parish pastoral team do that, please contact the parish office - 546-2482.

 If you are interested in being part of this ministry by knitting or crocheting prayer shawls, please contact Linda Paulus, 546-3500.

 Every day some people in our area go hungry or without the proper amount of food to sustain their health and strength.  
They are children,  elderly and the unemployed.
The Community Food Pantry of Spring Green exists to help these people in need. 

St. John's Parish holds a food collection the first weekend of each month to help fill the shelves of the community food pantry.  However, the Community Food Pantry of Spring Green is frequently in need of volunteers in various capacities. If you are interested in volunteering for the food pantry, call 588-2442 or check the website:

St. Luke Catholic Church

Congregation of faith