Stewardship is a Christian way of life in which we share our time, talent and treasure-the gifts we have been given by our God.  It is through our worship together and our prayers as a parish family that we are given the strength and direction we need to become better stewards of God's gifts.  

Our weekend Masses involve many who take on the Liturgical roles necessary during our celebrations.  Parishioners are welcome to be part of these ministries.  Training is provided as needed.  Parishioners may volunteer any time by calling the parish office.

Sacristan:  Seniors in High School/Adults - arrive 20 minutes early; set up for Mass which includes:  turn on lights/sound system; put out hosts, wine, bowls, purificators, Tabernacle key, books; check to see if all ministers have signed in and help find subs if someone is not present.  After Mass:  wash vessels; bring Tabernacle key back and place in cupboard; put all vessels and books away; turn off lights/sound system.  Mass servers will help bring in articles from church.

Mass Servers:  Children in grade 4 and older-arrive 20 minutes early; put on robes; light candles; check with Father for instructions. (sign-up and training is done through school and Religious Ed. program)

Usher/Greeter:  Individuals or families - arrive early and stand inside church doors to welcome those who enter for worship; assist people in finding seating; bring in extra chairs if needed; pass collection baskets; take collection up to Father if no one has been assigned; attend to any needs that might arise; know where emergency equipment is; hand out bulletins as people leave; help straighten up church after Mass.

Eucharistic Ministers:  Adults who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation - check off name in sacristy when arriving for Mass; chart is in bellroom showing where to stand;  come to the altar during the singing of the "Lamb of God"; assist Father in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ.  New Eucharistic Ministers are required to attend a Diocesan Training Session.

Leader of Prayer:  Seniors in High School/Adults - arrive early to review welcome and intercessions; after bells ring welcome people and introduce the Liturgy; read intercessions.  The Welcome and Intercessions are prepared by volunteers or members of the Liturgy Commission.

Lector:  Seniors in High School/Adults - arrive early to review readings; process in with Father/Servers and carry in Book of the Gospels; proclaim the First and Second Readings.  Each lector is given a workbook which contains all the Sunday readings for the year.  Lectors are asked to prepare for Mass by practicing the readings at home.

Gift Bearers:  Individuals or families - bring up the hosts/wine/collection baskets after collection has taken place.

Music Ministers:  Keyboard players/cantors/choir members:  arrive early to practice;  Solos/instrumentals may be done before Mass, during the Presentation of Gifts and/or Communion.  Cantor/singers lead assembly in song and solo on verses of Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation. Songs are chosen ahead of time.

St. Luke Catholic Church

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