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Did you know...

  • St. Luke’s began as a mission parish in 1857 with just 12 families.

  • The first church was built in 1861 to accommodate the growing number of parish families and the name of St. Luke was chosen to commemorate the first visit of Bishop Hennri of Milwaukee, which happened to fall on St. Luke’s Feast Day, October 18. 

  • The first Parochial school was established in 1876 and was staffed by the Franciscan Order of Sisters from Milwaukee.

  • In 1885, a second church was built, followed by a third in 1904.

  • The third church was destroyed by a cyclone in May, 1918 with only the steeple and bells remaining intact.

  • A combination church and school, which is our present elementary and middle school, was built in 1919 and served the parish as a fourth church until the fifth, and present, church was constructed.

  • The formal dedication of the current church was held on February 27, 1940.  It was designed by Hugo Logemann of Milwaukee and Edward Kraemer of Plain served as the general contractor.​

  • The church interior was renovated for renewed liturgy in 1969.  A new altar of sacrifice was added, the lectern was remodeled, the communion railing was shortened, the sanctuary was extended with a wood platform and carpeted and it was painted. The original wood doors were also replaced.

  • The altars, railings, statues and lectern are of Italian bottocino marble.

  • The wainscoting and the frames around the Stations of the Cross are of Kesota marble from Minnesota.

  • The floor is terrazzo and the ceiling is of Celotex.

  • The lower tower is now the reconciliation room and the pipe organ loft.

  • The higher tower contains the bell room/office, the cry room and three bells weighing 800 lbs., 600 lbs. and 400 lbs., respectively.

  • Conrad Schmitt Studios of Milwaukee provided the stained glass windows.

  • This fifth church was constructed for a modest sum of $130,000.  It is truly a grand testimony to the generosity and sacrifices of its parishioners.

  • Today, St. Luke Congregation consists of approximately 500 households and the school has 97 pupils (preschool—8th grade), with an additional 140 students in our religious education program.

  • All are WELCOME and when you are not here, you are missed.  If you haven’t been attending on a regular basis, now is the time to renew your commitment to God. 

See you in Church!!
Father John

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