1240 Nachreiner Avenue, Plain, WI 53577

608-546-2482  /  608-546-2616 (fax)


St. Luke Church will be open daily from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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Monday                     No Mass or Prayer Service

Tuesday                     5:15 PM Mass at St. Luke's Church

Wednesday               8:30 AM Mass at St. John's Church
                        9:30 AM Mass or Word/Communion at The Meadows, Spring Green
                      10:00 AM Mass or Word/Communion at Greenway Manor, Spring Green

Thursday                  8:30 AM Mass at  St. Luke's Church                                    

Friday                       8:30 AM Mass at St. John's Church

Saturday                   4:00 PM Mass at St. Luke's Church 
                                     5:30 PM Mass at St. John's Church

Sunday                      8:30 AM Mass at St. John's Church               

                                 10:00 AM Mass at St. Luke's Church           


Daily Mass with Bishop Barron can be viewed at:


St. Luke and St. John Parishes have teamed up with Easy Tithe for our online giving needs.  It's simple and easy!   Please click on the above link and follow the directions to directly donate to St. Luke.  If you have questions, please call the parish office at (608) 546-2482.

Masses will resume at St. Luke!!!

Saturday, 4:00 PM  ~   Sunday, 10:00 AM

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Congregation of faith

St. Luke Catholic Church

We are a Eucharistic community called together to celebrate our Catholic faith.  As a welcoming community of God, our mission is to provide an environment that enriches our spiritual, personal and social growth through prayer, education, outreach and fellowship.
Joint Parish Mission Statement
Given:  November, 2010